Time Off Leave Block List

Time Off Leave Block List - Odoo App

This app allow you to configure block list days for the year when employee(s) Time Off Leaves will not be approved. System will raise warning at time of Approve / Validate if selected dates on Time Off are in block list days. Block list can be configure also by departments so in that case it will be applicable only to that department employees.

Main Features:

  • This app restrict approval of Time off / Leave request which are in listed in block list.
  • Allow you to configure block list by department(s) so that block list will be only applicable to selected deparments.
  • Allow some selected approvers on block list who can approve Time Off / Leave request even if it is in block listed days. (For kind of special/emergency requests from employee.).

Menus Available:

  • Time Off
    • Configuration
      • Timeoff Blocklists
Testing Sample Users for Below Screenshots
  • Employee ===> Mitchell Richad
  • Manager ==> Marc Lambert

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