Employee Shift Management Odoo

Employee Shift Management Odoo - Odoo Module

This module Allow to manage shifts of employees using Shift Management Section of Human Resources.

Shift Management section of Human Resources helps your Organization manage shifts of your employees.

Main Features:

  • This module add below features which can be used to manage Shift requests.
  • Shift Manager can Configure Shit Types.
  • Employee can create Shift request and add details.
  • Shift Manager can Approve Shift Request.
  • Employee/Shift Manager can See Shift Requests On Employee form threw Smart button.
  • Employee/Shift Manager can Print Shift Requests Report.
  • For more details please see below screenshots & Video.
  • Menus Available:

    • Requests
    • My Shift Requests
    • Shift Request to Approve
    • All Shift Requests
    • Configuration
      • Shift Types

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