Document and Attachment Versioning

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Document and Attachment Versioning

Version of Documents and Attachment Versioning in Odoo

This app allows your users to have a document version on document attachment records.  

Main Features:

  • Allow you to have an automatic version of attachments for the same file name and extension. System will create versioning of attachment if it has the same name and same extension.
  • Allow you to control what models/objects you do not want versioning of attachments / documents from Attachments Version Restriction Config Menu.
  • Full history of Document versions for next and previous versions information as smart buttons on attachment form.
  • System will auto detect if the same file name and extension is present then the system will create versioning of the attachment of that document.

Menu Items Available:

  • Settings
    • Technical
      • Document Versioning
        • Attachments Version Restriction Config

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