Customer Credit Limit on Sales Process

Sales Order with Credit Limit Feature - Odoo Module

This app allow you to manage credit limit of your customer and restrict confirmation of sales order if customer reached credit limits. So allow your Sales Manager to configure different credit limit rules/policies your company Management has decided. Credit limit can be set on customer form based on rules selected on customer.

Main Features :
  • Allow Sales Manager to create Credit Limit Rules.
  • Allow Sales team to set Credit Limit Rule on Customer Form once your select Credit Limit Rules.
  • Credit limit will be compared using Customer receivable amount or Customer receivable amount till number of days you have set on rule. (See Credit Limit Formula).
  • You are allowed to have product and categories set on credit limit rule so when that product and category comes on sales order then only credit limit will apply and If you do not set Product and Product Category on credit limit rule then system will apply credit limit formula on all Sales Order Lines..

Available Option On Credit Limit Rules :

  • Receivable Amount of Customer will consider Customer's Receivable amount till date and it does not consider due dates of invoices.
  • Due Amount Till Days will consider Customer's Receivable amount from Unpaid Invoice till due dates calculated based on due days. For example if Quote Date is = 13 Oct 2021 and Days = 10 then system will consider due amount from all unpaid invoices till 23 Oct 2021.

Menus Available:

  • Sales
    • Configuration
      • Credit Limit Rules

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