Product BOM (Bill of Material) Duplication

Supporting Product Template and Product Variant

Product Duplicate / Product Copy with BOM

Product Template Duplicate (Bill of Material)

Bill of Material Copy when Product Copy

This app allows you to manage Product BOM Duplication when you duplicate product and product variants.
This app can be useful when you have many numbers of Bill of Materials for the Products and Variants and Product duplication happens in many cases.
Bill of Materials BOM will copy automatically to the new product which is duplicated.

Main Features:
  • When a product template duplicate app will duplicate BOM of that product template as well.
  • When a product variant duplicate app will duplicate BOM of that product variant as well.
  • In odoo standard can't duplicate product variants because the duplicate button is not available so, if you want to run a duplicate process of product variants, you need to remove attribute duplicate=False from product form view then you will be able to duplicate.
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