Website Customer Appointment Management My Account and Edit Option

Allow your customer/vendor to book appointment from website and it will integrated with calendar meetings in backend and also allow them to modify Appointment.

Main Features
  • Sales/Configuration/Meeting Slots : allow you to create Meeting Slots and configure different Slot Times.
  • Sales/Customers : This person/employee will be available in website appointment bookings as appointee. And customers can book appointment with him/her.
  • Create Appointment : Only allow logged in user/customer/portal users to create appointment.
  • Email Sent to Appointee/Employee when Customer Book Appointment.
  • Calendar Meetings Form View : Appointment Subjects Details
  • Appointment menu in my account : Customer Can see own appointment requests in my account.
  • Appointment list view in my account : List of customers in my account.
  • Appointment form view in my account.
  • Edit Appointment from my account if Appointment is not Confirmed : Customer Can edit appointment if appointment is not Confirmed.
  • Updated Appointment from my account : Customer Can update appointment if appointment is not Confirmed.
  • For More details See Our Dependant Module Click Here: Website Appointment Customer Management and Integration with Calendar

Menus Available:

  • Sales
    • Configuration
      • Meeting Slots

Role for Sales Manager

  • 1. Configure the meeting slots by manager.
  • 2. Available for Appointment Boolean Field mark checked on Appointee Form to make him/her as appointee and then appointee will be visible on website booking form for creating an appointment with him/her.
  • 3. See meetings/appointments created in the system.

Role for Customer

  • 1. Customers can book appointments with the appointee.
  • 2. Now Login with a customer can book or create an appointment.
  • 3. Sent email notification to the appointee when an appointment is booked.
  • 4. Customer Can see own appointment requests in my account.
  • 5. Customer Can edit appointment if appointment is not Confirmed.
  • 6. When Customer Can edit appointment sent notification email to appointee.

Role for Appointee

  • 1. Appointee to see or view the created meeting or appointment record and organize the meeting with customers.
  • 3. Appointee can received the email notification for edit schedule meeting.
  • 2. Communicate with Customer and Team.

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