Accounting Budget Management in Odoo

Accounting Analytic Budget / Project Budget Management

Budget Module in Odoo for Community Edition

This app allows your accounting team to manage your company Income and Expense budget on top of your analytic accounts. So you can create a budget to plan your budget for different analytic accounts and you can see actual/practical amounts when that analytic accounts are used on your Sales and Purchase process.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to create a budget by dates and plan your amounts for that budget analytic accounts.
  • Budgetary Positions can be setup for Income/Expense budget types.
  • Allow you to plan your budget and compare it with Actual spending/earnings with respect to Analytic Accounts.
  • Linked budget position with real accounts to view budget practical amounts. So please make sure you have configured real accounts on budget position which will allow you to see a practical amount on budget. And also dates of budget are also important to compute practical amounts.
  • If you want to see feature of budget alert then please see
  • https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/odoo_account_budget_alert/

    and you can see more features here


  • Note: This module is compatible only for Odoo Community Edition.
  • For more details please see video and below screenshots.

  • Available Menu Items:

    • Invoicing
    • Accounting

    • Management

    • Budgets

    • Configuration

    • Management

    • Budgetary Positions

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