Mobile / Phone Verification with Numverify

Using Numverify API Validation of Mobile and Phone

Numverify Integration with Odoo for Mobile and Phone Validation

This app allows your user to Verify/Validate Mobile and Phone number of your customer/contact/vendor form.

Main Features:

  • Allow users to Verify Mobile / Phone Verification using numberify.
  • Only users who have a key set on his/her user form will be able to call numverify API and validate Mobile and Phone.
  • It keeps the store response from numverify as text value for both mobile and phone.
  • Should registered on
  • Please make sure numverify ( has a different plan which you will have to buy before using it. They have a free plan but for limited calls. So please click on the above link and get plan details.
  • Registered User of Numverify can get an access key and put it on the user's form.
  • For any questions you can contact us regarding same.

Check App Here