Sales Group Multiple Salesperson

on Sales Cycle

Sales Group Feature on Sales Cycle of Odoo

This module allows your sales app to have multiple sales person / group linked on CRM (Lead and Opportunity), Quotation / Sales Order, Customer Invoice.
Using this app you can configure Sales Group where you are allowed to group multiple sales persons and which will form one group and linked to different sales documents like CRM, Sales order and Customer Invoice.

Main Features:

  • Sales Manager can configure the Sales Group by selecting sales members and name of group.
  • Sales Manager / Sales Team Members can create customers by selecting the sales group. So we identify the customer / vendor that belongs to the particular sales group.
  • Sales Manager / Sales Team Members prepare the Lead / Opportunities selecting the customer based on that customer system will set the sales group automatically.
  • Sales Manager / Sales Team Members can create the quotation from lead / opportunities and the system will automatically pass the sales group on sales order from lead / opportunities.
  • Sales Manager can create the customer invoice from lead / opportunities pass the sales group on customer invoice from sales order.
  • Sales Manager can group sales analysis reports with sales groups.
  • Print PDF report for quotation (Odoo Standard Report) showing the sales group details.
  • Print PDF report for customer invoice (Odoo Standard Report) view the sales group details.

Menu to Configure Sales Group:

  • Sales
    • Configuration
      • Sales Groups

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