Merge Employee Timesheets

Employee Timesheets Merge from List View in Odoo

Only for Odoo Community Edition

This app allows your timesheet manager to merge multiple employee timesheets to one timesheet.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to select multiple timesheets to merge and those will be merged into one timesheet.
  • All the selected timesheets for merge will be archived after merge and new merged timesheet appears.

Allow you to Merge below Fields:

  • Timesheet Description(Concatenate all timesheet descriptions).
  • Date(System will search the date from all the timesheet and pick the maximum date but you still are able to modify it on wizard which will be used).
  • Project(Timesheet Project).
  • Project Task(Timesheet Project Task).
  • Company(Timesheet Company).
  • Amount (System will sum all the amount of timesheets and use it in the new merged timesheet).
  • Duration(Hours) (System will sum all the timesheets duration and put on a new timesheet in duration).

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