Create Sales Order from Material Requisitions

Material Requisitions Integration Sales Order App for Odoo.

This app allow you to create sales order from material requisition.

Main Features:

  • You can create sales order from Material Purchase Requisition.
  • Allow your requester to choose sales order option while making material requisition. If sales order option selected then it will create sales order.
  • You can create sales order from material requisition using create sales order button
  • So this app allow you to choose whether you want to create Picking and PO from material requisition or you only want to create Sales order.
  • You can chooose option whether you want to create sales order by considering your employee as customer or you want to set your customer so you can send quote/sales order to customer if you are making requisition on behalf of your customer project/jobs. This app add third option Sales order in requisition line's requisition action field along with picking and purchase so new option for sales order has been added in this module.

Available Menus:

  • Requisitions
    • Purchase Requisition
      • Purchase Requisitions by Sale

Check App Here