Material Requisition and Job Cost Sheet Integration

Integration of Material Requisition and Job Cost Sheet - Odoo Module

This app allows integration between "job cost sheet" and "material purchase requisition".

Main Features:

  • Allow your project manager to create Job Cost Sheet for Projects/Job Order and plan your Material/Labour/Overheads from Job Cost Sheet Menu.
  • Allow you to create Material Requisition and allow your user to select/link Job Cost Sheet and Job Cost Line on Material Requisition Line.
  • Create Material Purchase Requisition for the Project or Job Order and your user can select for Job Cost Center and Job Cost line on Material Requisition form.
  • Once Job Cost Line will be selected on the Material Requisition line for that Job Cost Line you can get updated Actual/Real Requisition Qty Automatically.
  • Show Material Requisition from Requisitions button from Job Cost Sheet form.
  • Using this app you will have complete idea about your planned Material/Labour/Overheads and Actual requested on Material Requisition request against planned qty. So basically it will allow you to view actual material requisition qty by your users on the job cost sheet.
  • For more details about Material Requisition and Job Cost Sheet - Please refer to the dependent apps link.

Highlighted Flow:

  • Create Job Cost Sheets and Planned Qty for Materials, Labour and Overhead for Project / Job Order.
  • View of Planned and Actual Qty by Job Cost Sheet Lines (Material, Labour and Overheads)
  • Allow your user to select on Material Requisition with Job Cost Center (job cost sheet) and Job Cost Line (cost sheet line).
  • So on the Job Cost Sheet you will see actual requisition qty which are requested on that requisition from the user.

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