Maintenance Request Integrate Manufacturing Order

Equipment Maintenance Request with Work Orders of MRP

Work Orders for Maintenance Request of Equipment

This app allows you to manage work orders operations of equipment maintenance requests using work orders of MRP manufacturing operations. That way you can easily integrate your maintenance requests, work orders and flow using MRP manufacturing work orders.

Main Features:

  • Allow your Equipment Manager to create a Manufacturing Order from the Maintenance Request directly. (Please make sure the equipment manager should be in the manufacturing group as well.)
  • Allow you to configure maintenance manufacturing details on equipment form which will be used when you create maintenance requests for that equipment (fill automatically from equipment).
  • System will show all manufacturing orders and work orders directly from maintenance request form using smart buttons.
  • System will show maintenance requests and equipment reference on manufacturing order and work orders operations of MRP.
  • Also add maintenance requests and equipment reference on pdf report of Odoo standard manufacturing report.

Sample Screenshots Users:

  • Equipment Manager ==> Abraham
  • Manufacturing User ==> Wood Carver

Check App Here