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This app allows your internal users to view the messages menu which can help them to search and find messages which have been sent from the different documents chatter (Like Sales order, Purchase Order, Invoice etc.). This app gives a platform to your users where they can view messages from different documents in a single place and do necessary quick search for messages.

Main Features:

  • System Admin Users can see below menu(s):
  • Messages
  • All messages
  • Configuration
  • Internal Normal Users (who are not Admin) can see below menu:
    • Messages
    • Internal normal users (who are not System Admin) can not open a message form view that is why we have added the button *View Body* to view the message body directly from list view.
    • Important note: Normal Internal users will not be able to see Emails and configuration menu due to security restriction by Odoo standard.
    • Allow your users to directly jump to the source document where that message has been originated which allows them to check details about messages on that document.
    • PDF report on message and email will come from a dependent app.
    • Note: All the below menus are from Odoo standard core models we have just used it to make global menus so users can view messages on single place and search on messages. And same time they can jump on document using source document button.

    Available Menus

    • Emails
      • Emails (Only for System Admin)
      • Messages (For System Admin + All Internal Users)
      • All Messages (Only for System Admin)
      • Configuration (Only for System Admin)
        • Subtypes
        • Tracking Values
        • Templates
    Sample Users for below Screenshots:
      1. Purchase User (Internal User) -> Ricky Ponting
      2. Sales User (Internal User) -> Nicole Olts
      3. System Administrator User -> Mitchell Admin

    Check App Here