Freeze / Unfreeze On Sale Quotation before Confirmation

Freeze Sales Quote before Sales Confirmation Odoo App

This app allows your users/salesperson to freeze the sale order line using the freeze button, and users/salesperson can unfreeze their own sale order line and Sales managers can also unfreeze the sale order line of other salesperson using the unfreeze button so users/salesperson can not unfreeze other users/salesperson sale order line as shown in the screenshots below.

Main Features:

  • Allow your users to freeze and unfreeze the sale quote line as shown below. The main purpose of the app is to lock sales order line updates after pressing the freeze button.
  • Sale managers can unfreeze anyone's sales quote
  • After freezing by users, the system will make fields read-only (not editable). Below are fields that will be freeze after pressing the freeze button: 1.Order Line 2.Quotation Template 3.Expiration 4.Pricelist

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