Life / Career / Business Coaching Management

Coaching Management for Customer by Life / Career / Professional Coach Odoo App

This app allows your coach to conduct or organize coaching for your customers as shown in the below screenshots. This app allows you to first create coaching applications along with all scheduled coaching and organize coaching applications and coaching. So you have to first create a coaching application and then you have to add coaching lines which will become coaching as shown. So one coaching application can have multiple coachings/seminars/sessions where you can configure it in coaching.

This app can be used by a life coach, personal coach, professional coach, or career coach to manage their coaching applications for their customers and then coaching/sessions/seminars, etc.

Main Features
  • The coaching users can create and manage the coaching applications as shown.
  • The system generates unique coaching application numbers as shown.
  • Allow your coaching team to set the participants and coach on the coaching application form view.
  • Allow you to send by email coaching applications and coaching to the participants and customers of coaching applications and coaching.
  • AAllow to create and manage the meetings (Odoo Standard) for coaching application and coaching with customers, participants, and coaches as shown.
  • The coaching user can create and manage the material requisition for coaching applications and coaching. Allow them to request material using a requisition form.
  • Coaching administrators can create coaches and manage them. The coaching administrator can configure coaching types, tags, categories, application stages, and coaching stages.
  • The coaching user can view the application coaching and coaching on the customer respected form.
  • Customers and participants can view the coaching applications on my account page of the portal of your website.
  • Allow users to print PDF reports of coaching applications and coaching as shown.
Menu Items :
  • Coachings
    • Coachings
      • Coaching Applications
      • Coachings
    • Coaches
    • Configuration
      • Application Stages
      • Coaching Stages
      • Coaching Types
      • Coaching Category
      • Coaching Tags

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