Law Firms Practice Management App

Advocate Cases and Hearings Management Odoo App

Legal Practice Management | Lawyer Practice Management

This app allows you to manage legal law practice firms / Lawyer offices in Odoo as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow your advocate / lawyer team to manage cases and case hearings using project and task management in Odoo.
  • Allow your team to create and manage cases and case hearings.
  • Allow you to configure and manage case types under configuration.
  • Allow you to configure and manage FIR police station addresses.
  • Allow you to configure and manage court addresses.
  • System sends the next hearing email reminder notification to your assigned lawyer and customer using cron job automatically.
  • We have extensively used the Odoo project management application to build this app so it will be good for you to manage your case as project and case hearing as a project task in Odoo.
  • Allow your customers to view cases and case hearings and related tasks on the website portal my account on your website if those are shared with them. So it depends on your setup and sharing options on Project and Tasks form.

Menus Available:

  • Law
    • My Cases
    • Lawyers
    • Witness
    • Reporting
    • Configuration
      • Case Types
      • FIR Police Stations
      • Courts

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