Document Management System for Law Firm App

Law Firm Practice Management with Document Management System (DMS)

Legal Practice Management with Documents Feature

This app allows you to manage documents on Cases (Project) and Hearnings (Tasks) for law firm practice management systems as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:
  • This app adds menus for Documents and Directories inside Law Firms apps.
  • Allow your Law Firms Practice team to configure your directory and document tags and link it with document and directory forms.
  • Allow your Law Firms team to see all documents related to Law Firms cases and hearings (tasks).
  • You can get more details for all features of the document and directory by going into the dependency apps index.

Menus Available:

  • Law
    • Documents
      • Directories
        • Parent Directories
        • Directories
      • All Documents
      • My Documents
    • Configuration
      • Documents
        • Document Tags
        • Directory Tags

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