Laundry Services / Dry Cleaning Services Request

Laundry Management System in Odoo

Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning in Odoo

This app allows you to manage laundry requests from your customer and visitor from your website and manage it in the backend in Odoo using your laundry team as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features :
  • Your customer can send a Laundry Request from your website by filling form and submit.
  • Generation of unique laundry requests on submission and record it as a laundry request in the backend.
  • Customers can check the status of all laundry requests submitted by him/her on My Account at the Portal side of your website.
  • Allow the Laundry Team to create and manage quotations and send them to your customers. From sales quotation to invoice and payment you will follow odoo standard workflow of sales and account module.
  • Allow the Laundry Team to Create a Work Order from the Laundry Request and assign it to the Responsible User.
  • Allow you to configure and manage Laundry Teams, Services.
  • Allow you to configure your own laundry / dry cleaning service stages under configuration.
  • Allow you to configure and manage Laundry Materials and Laundry Service Products.
  • Laundry Request report in PDF format as shown in below screenshot.
  • Laundry Workorder report in PDF format as shown in below screenshot.
  • Laundry Users and Laundry Manager can communicate with customers using chatter and fill timesheets for work they have done for that request.
  • The Laundry Request Manager can close requests and send bills to customers (Odoo standard invoice and payment process). Feedback requests will be sent to customers by email when the manager closes the request.
  • Customers can give feedback and rating of Laundry Requests by clicking on a button in email which will open a link to your website.
  • Allow you to manage your Laundry Request using an assignment to the Laundry Team.
  • Allow your team / inventory team to pick material / cloths from your customer into stock location using incoming shipment creation and from the same screen they can return / deliver material / cloths to your customers. So we have used odoo incoming shipment as a collect cloth/fabric from your customer and same screen using return button to deliver cloth/fabric.

Roles by Users:
    1. Customer / Guest / Public User
    2. Laundry Manager
    3. Laundry User

    Role of Customer / Guest / Public User

  • They can create laundry requests from your websites using form.
  • Customers after logged in can view submitted Requests in My Account Portal of your website.

  • Role of Laundry Manager

  • Manager can Assign Requests to Laundry Users.
  • Manager can create a Sale Quotation, Material Picking, Create Workorder from the laundry request.
  • Print Pdf Report of Laundry Request.
  • Manager can close the Laundry Request at the end of the Laundry Request Service.
  • Laundry Manager Filling timesheets
  • Role of Laundry User

  • Laundry Users can see and manage Laundry Requests assigned by the Laundry Manager.
  • Laundry Users can Create Work Orders and Work on Work Order or assign it to other responsible.
  • Laundry Users can communicate with Customers using open chatter.
  • Filling timesheets by them.

Menus Available:

  • Laundry Service
    • Laundry Service Requests
      • Laundry Service Requests
      • Laundry Workorders
    • Material Picking
      • Material Pickings
    • Laundry Service Product
      • Laundry Service Products
      • Laundry Materials
    • Reports
      • Laundry Service Requests
    • Configuration
      • Services
      • Laundry Service Teams
      • Laundry Stages

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