Website Job Order | Work Order Form and Customer Portal

Create Job Order / Work Order from Website by Customer / Agent

Job Order / Work Order Request from Website

This Odoo app allows your customer / visitor to create a job order or work order from your website by submitting a form.

Main Features:

  • Project Manager can create / set Project and Setup code of project in the backend Project app of Odoo standard.
  • Customers and Visitors can create job orders or work orders from your website by filling a form.
  • Customers can go to my account portal of your website portal where they can see a list of job orders / work orders and print job orders in pdf format.
  • Job order / Work order linked with Project so if they fill Project code [optional] then job order will be linked to Project.
  • Instance email notification to customer by email when job order created in system from website request.
  • This app depends on Project Job Costing (Contracting) and Job Cost Sheet.(
  • For more details please see below screenshots and watch the video.
  • Website Menus Available:

    • Create Workorder
    • My Job Orders

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