Material Consumption on Job Order / Work Order for Construction Projects / Job Contracting Projects

Product / Material Actual Consumption on Job Order Integrated with Stock Warehouse Inventory

This app allows your users to see actual material consumption of Job Order / Work Order by integrating it with stock inventory of your warehouse.

Main Features:

  • Your inventory staff/user can choose job order / work order and consumption type during inventory stock picking and transfer so it can be linked with Job Orders / Work Order / Tasks of construction projects.
  • Your project team can have a real view of the quantity of products they are consuming for job orders / work orders in the stock inventory.
  • View Material / Product actual consumptions on Job Order form view.
  • Basically it will allow your user to select job order and consumption type of stock move or stock picking / transfer record. They can also select Project on stock picking form as shown.

System Setting Menus:

  • Jobs
    • Configuration
      • Material Consumption Types

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