Instruction and Quality Checklist on Job Order

Job Order / Work Order Quality Checklists and Instructions in Odoo

Instructions and Checklist for Construction Job Orders

This app allows your project team to create and manage instructions and quality checklists for job orders / work orders.

Main Features:

  • Allow the project team to configure and manage instructions related to your job orders.
  • Allow the project team to configure and manage quality checklists related to job orders / work orders.
  • Allow project managers to set a list of instructions to Job order / Work Order / Task form.
  • Workers/Technicians can see instructions and work accordingly.
  • Allow your project team to set image/photo on instructions to master data.
  • Print instruction pdf with photos as shown in sample pdf below.

Available Menus

  • Jobs/Configuration/Instructions
  • Jobs/Configuration/Quality Checklists
  • Jobs/Job Orders/Job Instructions

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