Job Drawing Image Construction Projects and Job Contracting Business

Job Drawing Photo Construction and Contracting Business in Odoo with Drawings

Drawing Image/Photo on Odoo Website / My Account Portal

This app allows project managers and project users to add contract drawings on the job order / work order form in the backend and then allow your customers to view it on the portal of your website.

Main Features:

  • This app allows the project team to add drawings images / photos on the job order / work order (task) form.
  • You can add your drawings or layout image on the job order / work order (task) form and you can add multiple drawing images on the job order form.
  • Allow your customer of that project to view drawings on the website my account portal.
  • Every drawing image on every task has a separate and unique page.

Menus Available to Add Drawings:

  • Jobs
    • Job Orders
      • Job Orders

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