Job Costing / Cost Sheet with Production (Manufacturing) and Analytic Budgeting

Job Contracting Sheet Integration with Production (Manufacturing) and Budgeting in Odoo

Only Compatible with Odoo Community Edition

This app allows you to manage job cost sheets and job costing with Production Order / Manufacturing Order Process.

Main Features:
  • Allow you to view actual production consumption qty on job cost sheet for material, labour and overheads.
  • Automatically sync Actual qty consumption in Manufacturing process and show on job cost sheet lines.
  • Allow you to configure budget and budget lines for Manufacturing process and auto update on budget lines under the Accounting Budgets Menu.
  • Allow you to select an analytic account, cost center and cost line on Manufacturing order form and that will be sync with the job cost sheet.
  • Manufacturing all consumption will be sync with the job costing sheet and analytic budget.
  • Changes in Print Job Cost Sheet Report to Show Production Qty and Manufacturing Order PDF Report with Job Cost Sheet details.

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