Budget for Job Contracting and Construction Projects

Construction Projects and Job Contracting Projects with Analytic Budgets

Compatible only with Odoo Enterprise Edition

This app allows you to create and manage budgets based on analytic accounts/projects for job contracting projects and construction projects.

This app allow you to create and manage budgets based on analytic account/project for job contracting and construction..

Main Features

* Allow you to create a budget for construction and contracting related projects based on analytic accounts.
* It automatically synchronizes with Job Cost Sheets for your projects.
* Give real picture of actual purchase, vendor bills, Timesheet on budget form based on material, labour and overheads.
* You have to configure Budget lines by Job, Job Cost line which will show you planned amounts of material, labour and overheads.
* Allow you to view material, labour and overhead actual amounts spent vs planned on budget form.
* Reporting/Pivot view of budget analysis available as shown.
* You can create a budget for multiple job cost sheets and job cost lines.
* Budget lines allow you to see Planned and Actual Amounts and Qty's.
* For more details please watch the video and check below screenshots.
* For details about job costing and construction management you can see app odoo_job_costing_management.

Menus Available:

  • Jobs
  • Jobs/Project/Project Budgets
  • Jobs/Budget Report
  • Jobs/Budget Report/Budget Analysis
  • Accounting/Accounting/Management/Budgets

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