Job Card

Job Card Management for Job Orders / Work Orders in Odoo

Job Card App in Odoo for Workshops / Factory / Any Technical / Repair Shops / Industry

Job Card App in Odoo using Project Management App

Job Card for Worker / Technician / Internal Users / Machine Operators / Supervisors.

This app allows your users to have a job card with all the details related to that job along with instructions to do a job.

Your Worker / Technician / Users / Machine Operator / All Types of Job Workers can access job cards in Odoo and see details and instructions. They can also fill the Timesheet(s) in the time card tab available on the Job card.

Main Features:

  • Job card form and list view for your users/operators/supervisors/technician. Allow you to create and manage job cards with things needed to execute jobs.
  • Allow you to set up a *workshop team* on a Job Card.
  • Allow you to set up *quality checklists* on Job Cards
  • Allow you to set and manage instructions on the Job Card
  • Allow you to have a cost sheet on a Job Card.
  • Allow you to set a job card reference on material requisition request.
  • Allow your user to create and manage material requisition on Job Card.
  • For more details about requisition you can check
  • Allow you to add a Job Invoice Line on the Job Card and then create an invoice based on it.
  • Allow your users / workers to fill the timesheet(s) on the Job Card.
  • Print the pdf report for Job Card and Cost Sheet on Job Card.
  • For additional report you can check and download/buy separately

General Workflow:

  • Project Manager / Supervisor can configure the quality checklists and workshop team and instruction on the Job Card.
  • Project Manager / Supervisor can create the Job Card.
  • Project User / Job Operator / Technician view/add the instruction, cost sheet, material requisition, requisition line, job invoice line, timesheet on Job Card.
  • Project Manager creates the customer invoice from the job invoice line on the Job Card.

Menus Available:

  • Job Card
    • Job Cards
    • Reports
    • Configuration
      • Quality Checklist
      • Workshop Teams

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