Import POS Orders form Excel

Point of Sale Orders Import App for Odoo from Excel

This app allows you to import point of sale orders from an excel file.

Main Features:

  • This module will allow you to import multiple point of sale orders from excel file.
  • Make sure you have the xlrd python library installed on your server.
  • Please note that the POS session should be in In Progress State.
  • All Point of Sales Orders which are imported from excel file state will be New/Draft.
  • Sample excel is available inside the sample folder in the module.

Following fields can be Import From Excel Columns.

  • POS ID : POS ID is used to Create a Product Line
  • Session ID : Session ID for Session order
  • Fiscal Position : Fiscal Position is show Inter State or Export
  • Order Date : Order Date show the Date of Order
  • Customer : Customer filed show the Customer Name
  • SalesPerson : SalesPerson show the SalesPerson Name
  • Product : Product Name show in Product Field
  • Quantity : Quantity for order product
  • Unit Price : Unit Price for order product
  • Discount : Discount Field show the Product Discount

Make sure you have xlrd Python module installed.

For more details please see Video in Live Preview section. Excel sample is available inside module.

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