Customer Invoices from Timesheets

Create Customer Invoice from Employee Timesheets in Odoo

Timesheet Invoices to Customer in Odoo

This module allows you to create invoices from employee timesheets.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to create customer invoices from a list of timesheets. Customer invoices will be created based on group by Project and Customer.
  • You can configure the rate on customer form which will be passed to related projects of that customer and then related tasks of customer project.
  • Customers will be taken from the Project selected on Timesheet lines.
  • We have given a new field on Timesheet Activities/Lines where employees/users can enter Time in and Time out for that activity or work.
  • Module will create customer invoices based on grouping of projects and customers. For example if you have selected Timesheets which have


T1 = Project 1 = Customer A, T2 = Project 1 = Customer A, T3 = Project 2 = Customer A, T4 = Project 3 = Cusotmer B, T5 = Project 4 = Customer C -> Then system will create customer invoice as below:
1. Invoice number 1 with two invoice lines (T1 and T2) for Project 1 and Customer A
2. Invoice number 2 with one invoice line (T3) for Project 2 and Customer A
3. Invoice number 3 with one invoice line (T4) for Project 3 and Customer B
4. Invoice number 4 with one invoice line (T5) for Project 4 and Customer C

Menus Available:

  • Timesheets
    • Invoicing
      • Timesheet to Invoice
      • Timesheet Invoiced

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