Project Task Management for Human Resource (HR)

Odoo Apps for HR Project Task Management

This app allow your Human Resource HR Team to manage Recurring Task Creation Automatically and Checklist Tasks. It will allow your HR team to manage their tasks in Project management system of Odoo. Additionally system add Recurring tasks and checklist tasks feature so HR people can manage their tasks effectivtly.

Main Features:

  • Allow your HR Team to create Task Templates and Checklist Templates.
  • Allow your HR Team to configure/setup your recurring tasks.
  • Allow your HR Team to automatically create tasks and checklist tasks using cron job daily set.
  • System will automatically create tasks and checklist tasks based on setup of Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • To show HR Projects and Tasks you have to set HR Project Task Management on user form then only your hr team can see menu item. And you also have to give your hr team project user and project manager according to your access.
  • Your HR team can now able to access full project management system using app. HR team can work on project tasks, checklist and recurring tasks.
  • For more details please watch Video and Screenshort.

Menus Available:

  • HR Projects and Tasks
    • Projects
      • Projects
    • Tasks
      • Tasks
    • Checklist
      • Checklist Tasks
    • Configration
      • Recurring Tasks
      • Templates
        • Task Templates
        • Checklist Templates


  • Step1 Task Templates Menu:- This menu allows you to create task templates for your routine / recurring tasks. You can create template of task and use it in recurring task setup menu which allow you to make recurring tasks creation using this task templates.
  • Step2 Checklist Templates Menu:- This menu will show all checklist templates which will be used Task template form. So one task template may have multiple checklist templates link to it. Using this checklist templates system will create checklist tasks for task.
  • Step3 Recurring Tasks Setup Menu:- This menu allows you to configure recurring tasks setup. Using that you can create many recurring tasks setup which allow you to make setup of your recurring tasks by daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Once cron job will run daily it will look all setups and based on that setup it will create recurring tasks.
  • Step4 Cron job will run automatically everyday and create recurring tasks based on setup.
    • Daily : Create daily recurring tasks.
    • Weekly: Create weekly recurring tasks on Monday.
    • Monthly: Create monthly recurring tasks on every first date of the month.
    • Yearly: Create yearly recurring tasks on every first date of year.
  • Step5 Tasks Menu:- Show Created Tasks & Checklist Tasks by system after executing recurring tasks cron job. So your users/managers can work on Tasks and Checklists tasks based.

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