HR Employee IT Operations and Equipment Requests and Allocation from Stock Inventory

Equipment Request and Equipment Damage Request for Reimbursement by Employee - Odoo App

This module allows your employees to send requests to the HR department for equipment type of hardware and software as equipment request and equipment damage expense reimburse request. Followed by Employee Officer and Department Manager approval workflow for equipment request and equipment damage request.

Main Features:

  • Allow your employees to request for hardware/software equipment resources to the your HR department.
  • Allow your employees to request for repair damage hardware and reimbursement of expense for that damage repair.
  • HR Officer can generate expenses for damages for employee damage equipment requests.
  • Department Manager can approve as department approval of expense requests.
  • HR/Employee Officer can approve as HR approval of equipment expense requests.
  • Stock/Inventory users can create internal transfer (internal picking) for equipment requests to transfer requested equipment/product to employee location.
  • Integrated with stock inventory to allocate equipment / product to your employee.
  • Print PDF report of equipment requests.
Workflow of request and approvals:
  • Draft->Waiting for Approval->Approved by Department->Approved by HR Officer->Equipment Assigned -> Refused -> Rejected
Menu Items Available:
    • Equipments
      • Equipments
        • My Equipment Requests
        • Department Equipment Requests to Approve
        • HR Equipment Requests to Approve
        • Stock Equipment Requests to Approve

Users Sample Examples for Screens Below

  • Employee ===> San Jose
  • Department Manager ===> Mitchell Admin
  • HR Officer===> Edith Sanchez
  • Stock User ===> stock

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