Equipment Maintenance Request with Stock and Purchase Management

Internal Move and Purchase Requisition from Equipment Maintenance Request - Odoo Apps

This app allows your company to track employee equipment Maintenance requests and procedures handle by Maintainer Location. Maintainer Manager can add list of products/items which are going to consume during the Maintenance request of equipment.

Main Features:
  • Allow Maintenance Manager to track Employee Equipment Maintenance Request and using procedure handle by Maintainer Location.
  • Allow your Maintainer Team to add a list of inventory items that are going to consume during the Maintenance Request of Equipment.
  • The system will allow you to create Internal Transfer/Move for all Products/items which are available in your Company Stock Warehouse and If the stock is not available you will be allowed to create Purchase Requisition.
  • Maintainer Responsible can use to check it's on Maintenance Stock location and can updates in Internal transfer if needed. This is needed for example if Maintainance Location already has some items so no need to ask to the Stock warehouse.
  • Set employee on equipment form view (Odoo Standard).
  • Create a Maintenance request for equipment.
  • Select department location on maintenance request form (it can come from the employee department if not set then you have to manually set it. This location will be used to transfer equipment from employee location to repair location using internal move).
  • Select *Source Location for Internal Move* on the maintenance request form which will be used to transfer parts/material to consume for repair of equipment from this source location to repair location.
  • Select *Equipment Repair Location* on maintenance request form which will be used as repair destination location for both internal moves.
  • Select Maintenance Picking Type (For internal move creation) and Purchase Picking Type (For purchase requisition/agreement creation use) on maintenance request form.
  • Add Maintenance Lines with parts and material going to consume to do maintenance of equipment and clicking on the compute button will decide whether to make Internal Transfers or Related Purchase Requisitions/agreements.
  • Now you can create Purchase Requisitions/Agreements (Odoo standard) and Create Internal Move for this maintenance request.
  • Select Equipment Product related to equipment and Equipment Picking Type (For internal move creation for transfer equipment to repair location) on maintenance request form.
  • Create Equipment internal move / internal transfer from maintenance request form using this button.

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