Employee Loan Close before Remaining Installment

Loan Close by Forcefully Paid Feature

Forcefully Close Employee Loan before Close

This app allow to your loan team to close loan of your employee if they want to close loan before all the installments are paid, system will allow your team to forcefully paid installment which will not generate any accounting entry and make forcefully paid installments and after that you can come to loan request and make loan request paid forcefully as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Loan installment forcefully paid without creating any journal entry for interest and payment installment of loan.
  • Allow you to forcefully pay a loan request using a force paid button for employees who want to close the loan.
  • Note that the system does not create any closing entry / closing balance journal / accounting entry. So closing entry if any you have to make it manually journal entry by going into the accounting menu of odoo. [This app does not create any journal entry for closing loans].

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