HR Applications Import from Excel

This app allows you to import recruitment applications from an excel file.

Main Features
  • Allow you to Import HR Applications Applicants from excel file.
  • Make sure you have the xlrd Python library installed on your server.
  • Recruitment
  • Recruitment/Applications
  • Recruitment/Applications/Import Applications
Following fields can be imported.
  • Applicant's Name : Name of Applicant.
  • Tags : Tags Like IT,Sales etc...
  • Contact : Contact name.
  • Email : Email Address.
  • Phone : Phone Number.
  • Mobile : Applicant Mobile Number Enter In Mobile Field.
  • Degree : Applicant Person Done Which Degree Like Graduate,Master Degree etc....
  • Responsible : Responsible User.
  • Appreciation : In a Appreciation Applicant.
  • Source : Source.
  • Applied Job : Applicant Person Apply The Job In Which Position.
  • Expected Salary : Applicant Person Expected Salary Is Enter The Expected Salary Field.
  • Extra Advantages : Applicant Person Need Some Extra Advantages Can Enter In Extra Advantages Field.
  • Proposed Salary : How Much Salary Proposed In Applicant Person Enter The Proposed Salary.
  • Extra Advantages : How Many Extra Advantages Given By Applicant Person Enter The Extra Advantages Field.
  • Availability : In an Availability Field Applicant Person Can Come to The Date Is Select In Availability field.
  • Application Summary : Feedback Is Enter In Application Summary.
  • Stage : Stage.

  • Sample Excel is available inside module.

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