Hide the options "Create" & "Create and Edit" on Many2One Field in Odoo

Create and Edit Restrict for Many2one Fields

The application hides the buttons used for creating and editing options on Many2One Field by leveraging configuration at the model level, while also establishing group permissions for allowing creation and editing at the user level even if model level restricts create and edit options.

Main Features:

  • This application allows the admin user to restrict the creation of new records/data by all users in a many2one field by hiding the "Create" and "Create and edit..." buttons based on model level setup. You have the ability to set restrictions on creation and editing options for specific models/objects at the model level, allowing the system to operate accordingly.
  • In order to circumvent the limitation on generating fresh records/data, this application provides a "Allow Create and Edit" group within the user interface. If this group is assigned to any user, they will be exempted from the restriction and granted the ability to generate new records/data.

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