Hide Administrator Contacts / Partners from List

Restrict Admin Contact Partner(s) Access App Odoo

Hide Admin Contacts for Users

This app hides admin contacts/partners for users where restriction has been applied as a group on user form.

Main Features:

  • This app hides / restricts access to Administrator contacts (res.partner) for users that come under the group "Hide Admin Contact Partners".
  • When users login which have a "Hide Admin Contact Partners" group in the system they will not be able to view and select Administrator contacts/partners from the list (like Many2One, Many2Many.).
  • When users login who have not "Hide Admin Contact Partners" they can view all the Administrator partners / contacts.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This restriction will not apply to reports objects (Like Sales Report, Purchase Report, Invoice Report, etc). That means if you are go-to reporting menus and open reports of odoo standards then restriction will not be applied over there so they can view admin contacts/partners too.
  • For more details please can you check the below screenshot and watch the video.

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