Helpdesk Service Level Agreement

SLA for Helpdesk Support Ticket System Odoo App

This app allows your helpdesk team to have a service level agreement (SLA) feature on the helpdesk support app.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to set up SLA Levels under configuration.
  • Allow you to link SLA level on your customer form.
  • Calculating Deadline of tickets based on SLA level configuration. System allows you to set the SLA level by selecting the category of ticket and priority based on that you can configure the number of Hours/Day/Week to have an automatic deadline date on tickets.
  • Helpdesk SLA Team: You can set up a support team with their Working Time/Calendar and set up Estimated Response Time / Reply Time / Working Time for that stage.
  • View SLA time logs for that ticket on helpdesk form based on Helpdesk SLA Team setup.
  • Helpdesk SLA Analysis to analyse your SLA logs by ticket numbers.
  • Only compatible for Odoo community edition.

System Created New Menus:  
  • Helpdesk  
    • SLA  
      • Service Level Agreements
      • Helpdesk SLA Analysis
      • Helpdesk SLA Level Configuration

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