Return Picking from Helpdesk Support Ticket

Helpdesk Support Ticket with Sales order and Return

This app allows you to return the product(s) directly from the helpdesk support ticket for selected sales order on ticket form.

Main Features:

  • Create return shipment of product(s) directly from a helpdesk ticket form for related Sale order.
  • Allow your helpdesk team to select the Sale order for the created ticket.
  • Allow your helpdesk team to return product(s) using button Sale Order Return on ticket form.
  • The wizard will ask for Picking related to the selected Sale order on the ticket and popup.
  • After selection of picking then the system will redirect to the return picking screen wizard which is Odoo standard return picking wizard. (Please note that a helpdesk user who is doing the return process should have access to stock / inventory otherwise Odoo can show access error/warning.)

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