Canned Forms / Survey Forms for Helpdesk Support Ticket System

Helpdesk Ticket System with Canned Forms and Survey Forms Odoo App

This app allows your helpdesk support ticket team to get canned responses for Customer Service / Helpdesk Tickets from your customers.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to build your own canned forms / survey forms for your helpdesk ticket customers.
  • Users can select the customer on survey form to link it with a helpdesk ticket.
  • You can send forms / surveys to customers by email from survey form [Odoo Standard Survey Module].
  • You can see the history of canned responses from customer on customer form and helpdesk ticket form as smart buttons.
  • Customer(s) can Submit Survey answers online from the web. (Note: We are using Odoo Standard Out of Box Survey Feature.)
  • This is only compatible with the Odoo community edition.

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