Graphic Design Request Form from Website by Customer

Graphic and Logo Design Request Form from Website by Customer

Graphic Design Request Form Odoo App from Website

This app allow your customer to raise job request for graphic design from your website. Your customer can come on your website and fill a graphic design job request form and submit it and after submission the system will create a request (project.task) in the backend system.

Main Features:

  • This app allows your customer to request a graphic design job from your website.
  • Submitted requests then will appear in the backend in request lists (Project.Task).
  • Project manager can go to the request and assign responsibility (Project User) for that request.
  • Project User can login and see the assigned request ticket and work on it.
  • Project User can schedule meetings with Customers and Team if needed using the Create Meeting button.
  • Project User can create estimation for graphic design requests and send estimates to customers for approval.
  • Project User can communicate with customers using open chatter and send by email a pdf request form.

Menus Available:

  • Graphics
    • Graphic Design Requests
    • Configuration
      • Graphic Design Services
Testing Sample Users
  • Customer ===> Ready Mat
  • Project Manager ==> Johnson
  • Project User ==> Philips

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