Approval Request by Employee / User in Odoo for Any Type Request

Common Approve and Reject Request by Employee Requests

General Request Submit and Approval

Only for Odoo Community Edition

This app allows you to manage generic requests approval flow in Odoo. Your employees/users can put requests for different request categories and then it will be approved by configured managers.

Main features:

  • Allow you create and manage approval request categories.
  • Allow your employee to create requests for any kind of category which will be approved by managers set on the category of that request.
  • System will send an email notification to all managers set for approval on category when the approval request is confirmed by the employee.
  • Allow your user to print a PDF report for Generic Request.
  • This app can be used for any kind of generic approval request in your company / organization / industry where your employee can put a request and confirm it and managers can approve it.

Menu Items Available:

  • Approval Requests
    • Approval Requests
    • Approval Requests Categories

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