Create Fleet Contract from Purchase Order

Purchase Order Integration with Fleet Vehicle Contract

This app creates a fleet vehicle contract automatically when a purchase order related to the fleet contract product will be confirmed. The system automatically generates fleet contracts on confirmation of purchase order when it finds products that are linked with a vehicle on product form as shown in the below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow your fleet team to configure whether a fleet contract for that vehicle will be created based on considering the order qty of a purchase order or single contract. 1. Single Contract: System will generate only one contract for that purchase order line without respecting order qty. 2. Multi Contracts by Qty: System will generate multiple contract(s) for that purchase order line with respecting order qty.
  • When the purchasing team confirms the purchase order related to fleet contract purchase from fleet contract vendor then the system will auto generates fleet contract under the fleet module and will show it to purchase order form as smart button link. Please note that the purchase user must have to be in the Fleet Administrator group in order to create a fleet contract otherwise system will generate an access error as per odoo standard security so your purchase user also is a member of the fleet admin group.
  • The system also passes fleet contract reference to vendor bill and also shows fleet contracts on the vendor bill form.
  • The system then stores purchase order and vendor bill references on the fleet contract form as shown.

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