Field Service App Integrate with Job Costing Sheet

Job Costing Sheet for Field Service Tasks Odoo App

Field Service with Sales Estimate and Material Requisition

This app allows your project manager to create a job costing sheet for field service tasks.

Sales estimates can also be created, managed, and sent to customers and then confirmed and approved by the team and customers to do a signature on an estimate on the portal of your website.

Project users / Technicians / Field Engineers can create as many material requisitions for projects and field services they are working on.

Main Features:

  • Project managers can create and manage job costing sheets for field service tasks.
  • The project user/sales user/technician/engineer can create and manage the sales estimate for field service and it will be approved by the team and sent to the customer.
  • Customers can view the sales estimate and do a signature on my account page of the portal of your website.
  • The project user/technician/engineer/manager can create and manage the material requisition for field service. Allow them to request material using a requisition form as shown.
  • For more details check the dependent apps index also.

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