Event Integration with Job Costing Sheet

Job Costing Sheet for Event Odoo App

Material Requisition for Event Management

This app allows your user to create job costing for events and using a costing sheet, the user can get an idea about the material, labor, and overhead costs of making the event. It also allows your event users to create the material requisition for the event.

Main Features :
  • Allows your project manager to create a costing sheet for the event which allows them to plan material, labor, and overhead costs to organize the event.
  • Systems add a job costing sheet smart button on the event form so the event manager (project manager) can view the costing sheet for that event.
  • Systems add a material purchase requisition button on the event form so the event manager can view requisition requests for that event.
  • This app allows your event managers to plan material, labor, and overhead costs and also allows them to view actual material, labor, and overheads.
  • A new event field is added to the job costing sheet which will link that costing sheet with the event.
  • A new event field is added to material purchase requisition which will link that requisition with the event.
  • For more details about dependant app you can click below link:
  • https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/odoo_job_costing_management/
  • https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/material_purchase_requisitions/

Edition Compatibility:

Enterprise Odoo.sh Community

Event Field Added on Job Costing Sheet Form and Materials Tab on Job Costing Sheet - Planning Material here

Job Costing Sheet Form with Labours Tab - Planning Labour Cost Here

Job Cost Sheet Form with Overhead Tab - Planning Overhead Cost here

Job Costing Sheet Smart Button on Event Form

Open Job Cost Sheets List View from the Smart Button of Costing Sheet on Event Form

New Event Field Added on Material Purchase Requisition Form View

Material Purchase Requisition Smart Button Added on Event Form View

Open Material Purchase Requisition List View from Purchase Requisition Smart Button on Event Form

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