Employee Payslip Triple Approval in Payroll

(Compatible with Odoo Enterprise Edition Only)

Payslip Triple Approval in Odoo

This app adds workflow of approval on Payslip by manager and director and then final confirmation by HR Officer/ Payroll Manager.

Main Features

  • This app adds workflow on Employee Payslip for Triple Approval: Draft -> Submit -> Manager Approval -> Director Approval -> Confirm/Done.
  • When Creating Payslip system set the Payroll Approval Manager User and Payroll Director Approval User on Payslip as per Payroll Configuration Setting.
  • When the Submit Payslip system sends Notification Email to Payroll Approval Manager.
  • When Manager Approve Payslip system send Notification Email to Payroll Director Approval.
  • When Director Approve Payslip system send Notification Email to Payroll Officers.
  • When Rejecting Payslips due to some reason send Notification Email Payroll Approval Manager User.

Employee Payslip Workflow Sample Example Users in Screens and Video.

  • Payroll Officer ==> Harry Reed
  • Payroll Approval Manager ==> William John
  • Payroll Director Approval ==> Camron Grill
  • Employee =====> Abigail Peterson

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