Expense Advance Request from Employee / Internal User

Employee Expense Advance Request Management in Odoo

This module allows your employee(s) to create advance requests for expenses. This module supports multi currency.

Main Features:

  • Allow your employee to create an expense advance request.
  • Allow your expense officer to approve the expense advance request from the employee.
  • Allow your accounting department to pay expenses in advance to employees.
  • Allow your expense officer to finish/done expense advance request.
  • Allow them to print expense advance requests in PDF format.
  • Allow users to select expense advance (which are not still reimbursement) during submitting expense to the expense officer.

Note: We have not changed any accounting entries for expense or expense sheet, we are just showing advance taken for that expense by employee.

Menus Available:

  • Expenses
    • Expense Advances
      • Expense Advance Requests
      • Advance to Approve
      • Advance to Pay

Defined Reports

  • Print Advance Expense

Roles by Users:
    1. Employee
    2. Expense Officer
    3. Account User

    Role of Employee

  • Employees can request for expense advance requests.

  • Role of Expense Officer

  • Expense Officer can approve and done the expense Advance Requests.

  • Role of Account User

  • Account users can see all the requests which need to be paid.
  • Account users can pay and done expense advance requests.

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