Attachment/Document Extension with Directory, Numbering, Security and Tags


Document / Attachment Tags

Directory / Folder Tags

Document Manager / Document User

Document Management System (DMS) with Tags and Security

This module will add below features to the document / attachment of Odoo.

Main Features:  
  • Every directory/folder having separate sequence numbering for attachments/documents.  
  • Allow you to create and manage directory tags for directories.  
  • Allow you to create and manage attachment/document tags for attachments.  
  • Allow you to set security on the directory form.  
  • Allow you to configure security on the directory form so only specific groups can access/create documents/attachments inside that directory. (Optional if you do not select a group then no security).  

Document Manager can do below listed functions.  

  • All Directory visible to them and allow them to create new directory/folder and manage it.  
  • They can see all documents/attachments in the system.  
  • They can create/add/select/modify Document Tags.  
  • They can create/add/select/modify Attachment Tags.  

Document User can do below listed functions.  

  • View directory/folder by model/object. Document User can see only directories where he/she is assigned as users on that directory form by Document Manager. So only directories where they are assigned are visible to Document Users.  
  • Able to access only Directory where they have been assigned.  
  • If there is no directory available for any model/object then attachment/document will follow the DOC/ generic sequence.  
  • They can select Document/Attachment Tags.  

Employee can do below listed features.  

  • Employee/Internal User can only see menu Document/My Documents and once an employee clicks it will list only documents where the employee is the owner of that document/attachment. Other attachments will be hidden for them since they are normal employees / normal internal users.  

Menus Available:

  • Document
    • Directories
      • Directories
      • Directories Structure
    • All Documents
      • All Documents
    • Configuration
      • Directory Tags
      • Document Tags
    • My Documents
      • My Documents

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