Attachment / Document Extension with Directory and Numbering

Document Management System (DMS) with Directory and Document Numbering in Odoo

Document Folders / Document Directory in Odoo

Main Features:

  • This module will add the below features to the document/attachment module of Odoo Standard and allow Document Manager to handle/manage all the documents from Documents menu.
  • Allow Document manager to create and manage a directory/folder by model/object.
  • App also adds security on directory so only specific groups can access/create documents/attachments under that directory. (Optional if you do not select a group then no security).
  • Note that the Document menu is only available for the Document Manager group. (We have created a new group Document Manager under the Groups list). So for the user who is a document manager you have to assign this new group.
  • If there is no directory available for any model/object in the directory list then the attachment/document will follow the DOC/ generic sequence for that attachment/document.
  • Allow you to create a directory based on resource id/record id also. You will have to create a directory by specifying resource id and then the system will be able to attach documents into that directory if go on that record and attach.

Available Menus:

  • Document
    • Directories
      • Directories
      • Directories Structure
    • All Documents
      • All Documents

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