Website Wallet for Customers

Customer Wallet Management in Odoo

Wallet Payment Method in Odoo Website Shop

This app provides wallet features to websites where customers can add /credit and withdraw / debit from their wallet balance for shopping in the Odoo ecommerce.

Main Features:

  • Allow your customer of the website to add money to their wallet balance.
  • Allow your customer to view all wallet transactions while adding money and spending money from the wallet.
  • Store full history of wallet transactions in the backend of Odoo as shown.
  • Customers can do shopping from your website using wallet balance and use wallet payment during payment of website sales orders.
  • Allow your customer to view the wallet balance on the customer my account portal page.
  • Wallet payment on eCommerce pages as payment gateway and we have created separate payment acquirers for wallets as shown.
  • Wallet transaction management in the backend for credit and debit as shown.
  • Allow your sales team to add multiple wallet recharge products in the system so customers can use that recharge to add money.
  • Automatic email notification when money is added to the wallet or removed from the wallet.
  • Warning message if balance is not enough in the wallet but customers try to use wallet payment for shopping.
  • Integrated with the Odoo Shop module as a new payment method as shown.
  • Sales managers can view wallet transactions from a list view for the purpose of reporting.
  • Customers can get the benefit of using a wallet to make quick payments directly from the wallet.
  • The wallet is payment acquired so work with odoo standard shopping as shown.
  • Please watch the video and check the below screenshot for more details.

Menus Available:

  • Sales
    • Configuration
      • Sales Wallet

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