Customer and Supplier Loan Processing Fees and Multiple Other Charges/Fees

Multiple Charges/Fees for Customer / Vendor Loan Odoo App

Customer Supplier Loan with Multiple Processing Fees and Other Charges

This app allows your loan user/manager to add loan multiple processing and other charges based on fix and percentage on the loan request as shown in the below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow your user to create and manage loan charges under configuration where they can configure different types/categories of loan processing / other charges.
  • Allow your user to configure multiple loan charges on the loan type form view so that loan type's all loans will be using these loan charges on the loan request form.
  • The system also merges loan payment journal entries into a single entry if you select a single payment journal entry on loan type. So instead of creating separate loan processing fees journal payment entries, the system will create only one single payment journal entry for loan processing fees / other charges (merge).
  • The system will automatically compute loan charges once you press compute button on the loan request form as shown.
  • The system will create loan processing fees / other charges journal entries and set the reference of it on the loan charges row and also set the payment journal entry reference on the loan charges row.
  • The system also gives you the option of whether if you want to create only a single journal entry for loan processing fees / other charges journal entry.

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