Customer/Supplier Approval Process - Validation

This module allow company to process customers and suppliers/vendors for validation and approval.

Main Features:

  • Sales User & Purchase User can create New Customer & Confirm it.
  • Sales Manager & Purchase Manager can Approve/Reject customer it.
  • When Managers Approve Customers/Suppliers the system will generate unique ID Number. Also system will only list approved customer/supplier in selection of customer/supplier for example in many2one field on SO and many2one on Invoice... So all documents of system will list only approved customers/suppliers.
  • ID Number will be generated for partner which is company and all contacts under that company will share same ID of its company.... But if you are creating contact whose company is not linked then system will generate ID number for him/her.
  • This module depends on sales and purchase module so it will be installed on your machine if it is not installed.
  • For more details please watch Video and Screenshorts.

    Menus Available:

  • Sales
  • Customer Approval
  • Approved Customers
  • Customers to Approve
  • New Customers
  • Purchase
  • Vendor Approval
  • Approved Vendors
  • New Vendors
  • Vendors to Approve

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